How many people do you know that like to admit they are wrong and make an apology? That’s what I thought, pretty much no one. Pride gets in the way for most of us to want to admit fault. Thus the reason it is such a challenge to make an apology to others and not just an apology, but a meaningful and sincere apology.

First, you should know this, (but we don’t always do what we were taught as children) don’t say “sorry” if you don’t mean it. The only thing worse than no apology is one that you’re saying because “you’re supposed to.” Bad form.

Sometimes we get a little stubborn and don’t want to apologize until the other person does first. Don’t play that game. It doesn’t make you better than the other person. All it does is let something go on longer than necessary. Man up (or woman up, whatever) and apologize (sincerely).

Think about what it is that you have done and understand how it may affect the other person. Sure you may not think you are at fault because if the roles were reversed you wouldn’t think it would be a big deal, but they obviously feel differently than you. Understand where they are coming from, even if you don’t agree with it. It will make them feel validated and provide you with a different perspective so hopefully the same blunder isn’t repeated.

If you need time to think things through, that’s okay. First, be sure you communicate that to the other person so they aren’t lost out in left field with no idea why you’re ignoring their calls, texts, and drive ways. Simply tell them, I need a couple hours/days/etc. to think about a few things but I will reach out to you when I am ready. This way they are in the loop and you don’t give them some loose-ended response.

Apologies are hard, but when someone offers a sincere one be quick to forgive. If forgiveness is something you have a hard time with start exploring that and figure out what it is that you’re holding onto.

Sorry goes a long way.


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