Here We Go!

I didn’t realize starting this tonight was going to lead to an immediate blog post prompt. I didn’t want to leave people reading the generic blurb WordPress leaves up as my first post, so here I am! The idea behind this came because my husband and I are in limbo in life. We live in separate cities in Georgia and now is the pivotal point where we are looking for jobs in each others city and hoping something lands us in the same spot. It’s stepping out in faith at it’s finest. There have certainly been tears…many of them…but today my heart and mind are at peace. Not that I know what’s going to happen or that tomorrow I’ll still be peaceful, but today I am. I’ll take it.

All that being said, something I’ve always loved is writing and something else I have always loved is counseling. So, I figured why not combine the two and see what happens! I’m hoping this to be an outlet for whatever it is that crosses my mind (because a lot crosses my mind) and to provide some useful content and resources for you, the reader. This blog isn’t about me, it’s about you. Let’s do this.


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