First Date: Dos and Don’ts

I used to L.O.V.E.  first dates. Sometimes I think I had more fun of those than what followed (until Forrest, of course). I also realize I’m the exception to this and most people would rather skip all the initial steps and move on to the real deal. But as far as first dates go, there are a lot of guidelines I would suggest. Some seem obvious, others maybe not, but due to my former hobby of dating I have seen the good, bad, and really, really ugly. Here are my tips for making a favorable first impression:


  • Clean up. This is similar to an interview, and even if you don’t like them back you still want to leave a nice impression. Dress for the occasion, brush your teeth, fluff your hair, you know, maintenance.
  • Bring your manners with you. If you’re the guy open the door, pay, offer the car door, stand when she leaves the table. There is nothing more charming than a guy who knows how to treat a lady. And ladies, you’re not off the hook. Say thank you, offer to pay (he might not take you up on it–and shouldn’t–but offer), say thank you. Be appreciative.
  • Even if you aren’t having a great time. It’s one date and it doesn’t mean you have to go on another one.
  • SAY YES if you are asked out. End of discussion.



  • Use profanity. General rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, don’t say it on a date. Come on.
  • Share your sexual history. There will be time for that on future dates if you play your cards right.
  • Harp on ex’s. That’s definitely not what the person across the table wants to hear from you. Womp womp womp.
  • Talk business. BORING. Unless they specifically ask and you can keep it simple and brief. They probably do want to know but not about any terms they would need a dictionary for.
  • Stay off your devices. You want to show the person you are with you are more interested in “here and now” than “there and when.”


Dating can be daunting, but remember it’s casual and Date 1 in no way guarantees Date 2. Just enjoy, be yourself, and if nothing else you walk away with a good story.


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