The Ole Break-up

So things aren’t going quite as you envisioned at the beginning of the relationship? You’ve gone from thinking about monogrammed towels and sheets to the idea of burning the towels and sheets after he touches them sometimes. Well, no need to burn anything, it just sounds like it might be time to move on from this suitor. Where do you even begin?

First, it may seem easier to stay in the relationship because change is hard! Thoughts may be running through your mind like, “I don’t want to have to date again”, “It’s not always bad…just most of the time”, or “Maybe I should give it a little more time and things will get better”. When in fact things have probably been this way for quite some time and you just weren’t quite ready to face the music. If you are staying in it because it’s “easier” than breaking up, you need to be a big girl and break up.

What are your motives? Are you pissed because he forgot to call while he was watching the football game? You’re thinking this is the last time and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. Let your emotions settle down and reevaluate. Making hurried decisions like that is usually not the best and you’re reacting out of emotion instead of logic. If it’s because of something that compromises your value system, still take some time and evaluate what is best and approach him coolly with your concerns and how you feel like this might not be best for both of you.

What about the baggage? Maybe you live together (officially or unofficially) and you will actually have some physical baggage. That’s daunting especially if you have a dog together. It might sound silly but these are real things to consider and may be a reason preventing you from breaking up. If it’s not right, these logistics will work themselves out in time, but don’t let that be the reason to stay together.

Breaking up may mean the end, but it will mean the beginning of something new. You have no idea what could be in store for you and what you take with you from one relationship to the next. Life will move on like it always does, but take it in stride and know that something else is in store for you.


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