Zero to 6000

So it’s the end of Date #1 and you’re pretty sure you’ve found the man you’re going to marry. Women can go from 0 to 6000mph in a matter of seconds and before we know it, we have fallen hard for a man. It happens so fast, we hardly even realize we’ve gone from sane to close to insane (but of course you can only see that as an outsider looking into someone else, because we all like to think we don’t do that). Well here’s the deal, we do it, and that alter ego we will refer to as “Crazy Lady”. We need to be sure we are protecting ourselves, and, as cheesy as it sounds, “guarding our hearts” (I promise I won’t say that again…ever).

So, how do you keep Crazy Lady from sabotaging your relationship? First, hold off on the physical intimacy (keep the clothes on). Our bodies say “YES, go there, lets DO THIS”, it’s what we were made to do. Problem, as soon as we’ve gone too far too fast, our emotions start getting warped and the emotions are in charge–not our better judgment. From there, Crazy Lady has taken over your body and you start doing things that are totally unreasonable. And it’s because we aren’t secure in the relationship with the man. We have lost total control and started down a road we never wanted to head down. You’re in over your head.

Second, take things day by day. Enjoy where you are each day with him and don’t get anxious about what’s ahead. Things will progress naturally if it’s a good thing…and if it’s not a good thing, it will become evident real fast and you can bow out.

Last, be secure in who you are and what’s going on in the relationship. If you start getting jealous or second guessing him when he says he is really busy at work but you think he’s taking someone else out, Crazy Lady is about to come back and take over. And we can all relate to Crazy Lady because we’ve all got her hidden somewhere inside us.

Just relax, enjoy, and don’t be in a rush for the next step.


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