Another Yuck, Resentment

Yuck, resentment. That’s not a word you want to describe you or your partner in a relationship. Not to mention, those are pretty intense feelings to have towards someone you are intimately involved with. Do you feel locked into a relationship you don’t want to be in? Or do you feel like you’re in it because that was the best option at the time and now you don’t know how to get out? And is the resentment something you can work through or not? All million dollar questions and ones you want to take a close look at and figure out where to go from here.

First, what is the resentment stemming from? Was someone unfaithful? Or one thing led to another and now you have a child together and getting married was better than raising a child alone? Is there an addiction? Is there abuse? Or, you’re just not certain, you just really resent this person right now? Pin down whatever this reason is. If it is a case of your safety, find a way out immediately. Talk to someone. If it’s not a question of safety, why is this causing you so much anger towards your partner? And remember, this is in your control, only you can change the current state of things. Holding onto resentment will not only affect your relationship with this person, but everyone else as well because resentment is that powerful.

Is the resentment something you have communicated at all or is it silent resentment? Talk about it. Nothing will be resolved as long as no one is working towards a resolution. Or maybe it is something you both acknowledge but don’t talk about it. That’s a poison and will only grow stronger.

Can you and do you want to work through this? If you do want to work through it, I suggest professional help because it will only get worse and resentment is so strong it can tear you down. If you aren’t willing to work through it, do something about it. There is no sense in living this way because it is stealing your well being. Make a change because this is your life and you control how you handle it.


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