Watch out! The yellow ones don’t stop!

Spring Break as an adult is even better than being a child. It gives me the freedom to take excursions to places like DC, NYC, and Sea Island. I think the worst decision I have made to date was paying $26 for a stupid bike taxi that didn’t even get me to where I needed to go. Not to mention, my life was in danger as he weaved in and out of traffic then cut a bus off. I got better at hailing yellow taxis after that.
-The bike taxi (Rickshaw) was invented to transport a ministers invalid wife. I almost became an invalid.
-According to the planetarium I visited, the Moon was created in a month.
-On average, during a 12 hour shift a taxi driver will cover 180 miles.
-Chinatown is the largest Chinese enclave in the Western Hemisphere.
-Cabs are the color yellow because a study was done that yellow is the easiest color to spot.
-There is a $200 fine for taxi drivers found using their cell phones while driving.
-There are 8,968 benches in Central Parks. There are also $2 hotdogs that make a good breakfast.
-Average fair for a taxi passenger is $6.  My average was probably $15. Leading to the reason I would walk 70 blocks each day.
-There are 102 floors in the Empire State Building. Cousin John and I only made it to 86 in the drizzle and fog.
-From 1789-1790, NYC was the US capitol. That didn’t last very long.
-Broadways official name is Highway 9 and is one of the world’s longest streets at 150 miles. And the most congested part of that is probably at Times Square with all the solo picture takers.

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