The Mask of the Fumanchu

What happens when you give one hundred and fifty 14 year olds 45 cans of shaving cream? Possibilities are endless…you black out, you play with them, you eat it, you smell like shaving cream for a week, and the list continues. That is what happened last night, some may call it a lapse in judgement, but in the end its just big, fun, and messy. So next time you’re shaving, think about what else you could be doing with that white creamy foam.

-The average shave will trim away somewhere between 20,000-25,000 hairs from a man’s face.
-Shaving cream tastes bad and stings when it gets in your eyes.
-November is National Beard Growing Month. There are 35 types of beards.
-The Pharaohs of Egypt liked a good shave every now and then with their gold and silver razors. It is said shaving was a fetish of theirs.
-Only about 30% of men who shave use an electric device to shave.
– Men take note: If you wet shave, it’s as good as using an exfoliating product because the process removes dead skin cells promoting healthier skin.
-It is believed that caveman used clams and shark teeth to shave with in the Stone Age.
-Nearly 70% of American women prefer a clean-shaven man. That includes myself
-Some archeologists think that warriors shaved their heads before battles so opponents didn’t have any hair to pull…and didn’t allow for scalping, maybe?
-Percent of men who shave once a day? 90%
-Men spend about 5 months of their lives shaving = 20,000 individual shaves. I bet it is more for women, but no website wanted to help me out.


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