The Fungus Among Us

There are a few foods that I really don’t like and one of those is mushrooms. Not because they taste bad, because I don’t think they taste like anything, but the texture really creeps me out. I get chills thinking about a mushroom in my mouth.
-Mushrooms fall into the Kingdom of Fungi!!!!!!!!
-The Buddha was a victim of mushroom poisoning
-It is said there are around 40,000 varieties of mushrooms but only 200ish are edible
-A fifth taste, umami, is found in mushrooms. It enhances tastes of other foods. I think umami is one of my top 6 favorite words.
-We are like mushrooms because we both produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. That does not make me like them any more
-The Mushroom Capital of the world is in Pennsylvania. Liberty Bell and Mushrooms, very good.
-Bananas have potassium (K) but portabello mushrooms have even more.
-A mushroom is able to double in size every 24 hours.
-The honey mushroom is the largest organism every found. Go visit it in Oregon, it covers 3.4 miles.
-Finally, don’t go hunting for your own mushrooms.

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