The mountain and the squirrel had a quarrel

Summer time means that squirrels are running rampant through yards and the streets. That also means that the likelihood of hitting one goes up exponentially. Like I did two days ago…poor little fellow was just running to catch up with his friends (or mating) and darted out in front of me and got squished by my back tire. Whoops

-Squirrels belong to the class Rodentia—similar to rats, prairie dogs, and other vermin
-Since it is the largest mammalian group (1650 species WO) it comprises 40% of all present day mammal species.
-Mating season is in late Winter and right now. That is when they are the most active and can provide dazzling flying spectacles for onlookers.
-The average squirrel litter consists of four little ones. I have seen a baby one and it looks like a fetus
-What we see most commonly in Georgia would be the gray squirrel
-To sharpen their little teeth they like to chew on sticks or even power lines and that causes power outages. And I bet the squirrel gets fried.
-If a squirrel feels he is in danger, his first instinct is to stand motionless then it is to run up a tree
-Most squirrel bites occur when someone tries to feed it. Obviously this is a bad idea. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever hand fed a squirrel?
-The reason they run in an erratic path in front of a car is to confuse the car. Their brains aren’t very big.

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