Go on you ol’ Bee Charmer, tell me a good tall tale

Summer time offers many perks and one of those is the fresh seasonal produce. Summer fruit may be the best part of the season. Big berries, peaches, and tomatoes which are truly only acceptable bought at the local produce stand by the weathered man or in a personal garden. Yum. My most favorite are the tomatoes because they are very functional and they have the goop inside that makes them a little messy.
-Tomatoes are really fruits because of the seeds that produce the fruit but in 1963 the Supreme Court ruled that they were vegetables.
-Spelling lesson: singular-tomato, plural- tomatoes (Maybe that was just for me)

-Tomato juice is the official state juice of Ohio. It can also be used to clean pennies
-The jelly substance contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C.
-Tomatoes are the most famous fruit. Go figure. And our neighbors to the east, China, are the largest producers of tomatoes.
-Tomatine (primary alkaloid) can help prevent fungal infection on the skin
-The rich red color means that tomatoes contain antioxidants!!!! It can help prevent prostate cancer and heart disease
-The French originally called them pommes d’ amour (Love apples) because they thought tomatoes had aphrodisiac properties.
-Tomato sandwiches are my favorite kind of sandwich. Bet you didn’t know that.

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