Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Two nights ago I went to eat with my parents and sister, Cooper. My dad ordered calamari and when they came out, they were pretty large. Somehow through that I was able to convince Cooper that Dad must be eating the giant squid that was found off the coast of Georgia by Tybee Island. Every word out of my mouth was a lie, and she fell for it immediately. In the car on the way home I told her none of it was true, but made me think that squids have never been covered in my weekly research.

-Squids have beaks instead of teeth. I got beaked by a squid in high school when we caught one on our Marine Biology trip.
-The largest squid ever brought in was in Thimble Tickle Bay, Newfoundland and it was 55 feet long weighing 2 tons. Forget the size, the place is called Thimble Tickle Bay.
-Squids have 8 arms. The male has a shorter arm to plant his manly sperm into the female. A lesson in squid reproduction.
-Giant squids eyeballs are the size of basketballs. That’s bigger than my head.
-The ink squids squirt is called sepia
-The Sperm Whale is said to be the only natural enemy of the Giant Squid.
-Along with the Giant Squid there is also a kind called the Colossal Squid which is heavier but shorter than its’ cousin.
-What I think–if we went swimming with a giant squid it would eat us.


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