Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath

I did not sleep in my car or see any famous people this past week. However, I did drive to Arkansas yesterday and saw the World’s Largest Cedar Bucket and a yard filled with bathtubs in between Oxford, MS and Little Rock. Leaves me a realm of possibilities between buckets and bathtubs. I have showered from a bucket before, it’s tricky.

-Showering dates back to the Greeks (such innovators). Obviously they weren’t the modern shower but their vases served the purpose of dumping water.
-Fear of washing and bathing is ablutophobia. I lived with a girl once (unnamed) who may have had that.
-The word “spa” come from the Belgium town of Spa where a mineral spring was discovered.
-The first tubs in the home were found in the kitchen. Some people thought they were useless so they turned them into planters. The idea can work well since there is a drain.
-A typical shower of 10 minutes uses 50 gallons of water.
-Boys take note. Spreading your shower liner out after each shower prevents mildew from growing.
-William Taft (past president) got his 300 pound body stuck in his bathtub on his Inauguration Day. His attendants had to come get him out. And then that made history.
-If you’re in a grumpy mood shower pressure and temperature is believed to release certain endorphins.
-Want to save water? You can use shower water to flush your toilet and water your plants.


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