Hello! I’m Haley Champion and the one behind this blog. The last name I married into. A little about me, I’m from a little place in the South called Atlanta and relocated with my now husband, Forrest (the original Champion) to Savannah, GA a couple years ago to be a school counselor for the small people. It’s the best. I love it. Before I feel in love with the little guys, I was working with teenagers and young adults in a private practice setting, and before that I worked for Young Life (which still may be the most tiring but rewarding job). I was a little apprehensive going in to work with kids since my background was with an older crowd, but I’ve found we are all fundamentally the same we just want to be loved and feel normal (whatever normal is).

Now a little about this blog. What you will find here are thoughts, resources, clips…whatever I think could be helpful for this magical ride of life. And because Fridays are meant to be fun, you’ll find….whatever it is on my mind. In addition, there will be parenting tips, coping strategies, funny videos, relationship advice (I used to write for a relationship blog), insight to teenagers, resources for mental health….I’ve covered a lot so I imagine the blog will also cover a lot. This blog is not for me, it’s for you. What you won’t find: frills, DIY projects, clothes, or other things you don’t want me teaching you about.

While “stuff we deal with” is the inspiration for this blog that’s definitely all there is about me. I’m a wife to Forrest, a sister to a few, and a friend to more than my share (and for whom I am very grateful). I have a cat. But I’m not like a cat lady. I didn’t even really want him but Forrest did, and I love Forrest, so I surprised him with a kitten for his birthday a couple years ago. Now I’m a cat mom. For all of you who are about to snub me because I love cats, we also have a dog and I was a dog lover first. I love to travel…hoping to make it to all the places I haven’t been. Enjoy yoga. And running has become a thing as of late. Cheeseburgers are my favorite food. Georgia (UGA) football is my favorite thing to watch on Saturdays in the Fall. Dressing up in costumes or disguises is always fun. Take me anywhere outside, to the beach, or on an adventure and I’ll be happy. And lastly, people, I love people and the stories they carry.

All in all, it’s been one wild ride!